gloria Shizico yi

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gloria shizico yi 2013 SS collection White on line gallery NOW

New fashion/art shortfilm directed/written by shizico yi for her 2013 SS collection

FACE: a shizico’s new art/fashion short film ,

it’s a story of lost and found…

a human story that touches many of us, watch the film on:

(Source: shizicoyiarchive)

Gloria shizico yi’s debut/directing fashion short film is a great hit in Face to Face exhibition, London.

No Barking Art debut production presents….Curated by Ana Cockerill

june/27th~2nd/July in Espacio Gallery,


WHITE: from a wedding to a funeral 2013 SS collection

let’s do something beyond fashion

Meet Japanese fashion designer and graphic artist Gloria shizico yi… her sophisticated ‘East meets West’, Fine Art inspired approach to fashion is sure to charm the likes of London’s most cultivated fashion crowd—-Samantha Davis, Wandering Thread.

Gloria’s design had been published: New Fashion Designers’ Sketchbooks

alongside with 29 new London designers, Gloria’s design sketchbooks had been featured and published in a wonderful new book created by famous fashion designers’ mentor Zarida Zaman, buy it on Amazon: 

Debut book published: New Fashion designer’s sketchbook buy it on Amazon

highlight pages (sketchbook)

design-board archive, a private view into designer's mind...

feature interview

an interview with one of the brightest global fashion bloggers—Samantha Davis, Wandering Threads.

2013 cruise collection, The disappearance of a garden…..